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Soothing Shampoo That Really Works!

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

This time of year is always a nightmare for my skin.

I have more sensitive skin due to my DNA however environmental factors can really irritate my skin also, causing it to be even more sensitised in the winter months.

When the winter hits, it hits my skin hard!

The cold winds combined with central heating really dry my skin out and impair my barrier, meaning I get dry, dehydrated, itchy skin, that then leaves redness and constant irritation.

I’m used to this and every year know how to deal with it, however, this year was the first year my scalp has been effected too! One day I realised I had been itching my scalp a lot and then dry skin started to come off into my dark hair. As you can imagine this looked vile - not to mention my head also felt sore.

I knew it wasn’t irritation due to shampoo, but due to the weather. The normal shampoo I was using was a standard drug store shampoo, so I know it’s full of rubbish and also know it wouldn’t be helping my scalp either.

I went to my boss at work who is a hairdresser and she recommended the Schwarzkopf Sensitive Soothe Shampoo which instantly soothed my scalp as soon as I put it on. After two washes with the shampoo all my dry skin was gone and I didn’t itch my head again.

Amazing! I couldn’t believe that using this product once solved the problem and brought instant relief to my scalp! This product is truly amazing and I highly recommend it.

Here is a link to it on amazon... I couldnt work the actual Schwartzkopf website at all!!

Lauren xx

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