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Feeling Creative

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Feeling Creative

I love being a makeup artist. I feel in my career I still have further to travel and there is so much more I want to open my eyes up to.

I love where I am at right now, working more in the wedding industry, with real people and on shoots. I really do enjoy it all.

Something I want to focus on this year is making time for more shoot work again, so watch this space! Shoots give me real inspiration and fresh ideas for working on the public and confirm my love for what I do in a different way to when I work on clients. I am given freedom to create a look that will suit that particular face, project or if it is a creative shoot, I can literally break free from any rules and in that moment create a piece of art.

Creative shoots are my absolute favourite. I appreciate clients won’t look at my creative work and ask for that particular look to be recreated for their wedding day, or a night out, however it’s when doing these shoots I get so many new ideas for my clients.

I see my pallets differently and feel inspired to use ones I haven’t used for a while (due to my ever growing addiction to buying makeup pallets). When doing these kind of shoots I feel so inspired and so much love for applying makeup. I feel excited about general makeup and once again I feel that passion and motivation for all other work. It’s like opening up a door to a brand new world and all of a sudden I find new, fresh, and original ways to apply makeup on my lovely clients.

It’s so important to me to be able to show my work in a creative way. I need that. Any thoughts or feelings that have ever overwhelmed me in whatever way can be expressed through my own art work. In fact, it may not even be linked to me. I may see some beads or material or new face paints and all of a sudden want to do a shoot based around that particular thing.

What I want to achieve with these kind of images, is for people to be like “wow”. I want others to come to their own conclusions about these creative images and relate to them in their own way - because makeup really is art.

Photographer credits:

Michael Struts

Flash Bang Wallop

Simon Anderson

Model credits:

Amber Crehan

Francesca- RayaBella

Kira Krueger

Sarah Stewart

Lauren xx

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